A Special Thanks to Z’Tejas from The American Widow Project

Special Thanks to Z’Tejas by Taryn Davis, Military Widow and Founder of The American Widow Project

Hope comes in many forms.

A helpful stranger, an inspiring video, a survivor sharing their story….but for us, hope has most recently come in the form we least expected…

After losing my husband in Iraq when I was 21, I had lost all hope in life….in living…but inspired by my husband’s service to our country, I decided I need to at least try and live for him until I could find a reason to live for myself.

That inspiration would lead me to start the American Widow Project., a National non-profit that educates, empowers and connects military widows. We’ve held nearly 100 National healing retreats, free-of-charge, and have seen the impact it has had in a slew of ways: Going back to school, creating lifetime bonds and connections, losing weight, creating closer connections with their children and most importantly: SEEING THAT THEY CAN NOT ONLY CARRY ON THE LEGACY OF THEIR FALLEN HERO, BUT CREATE A LEGACY FOR THEMSELVES.

Next year will be the AWP’s 10 year anniversary, and we are still here because of people and companies like Z’Tejas and their customers.

Their Cornbread for a Cause Initiative raised over $12,000 for the AWP! As a boots-on-the-ground non-profit, this will directly impact the lives of over 20 military widows through our next two retreats in September and December. Those our twenty women who will remember what it is to hope and laugh and live after the worst of tragedies.

That is hope brought to them by cornbread 🙂

And we are so grateful!

Thank you, Z’Tejas and all that bought their delicious cornbread!

Taryn Davis,

Founder, American Widow Project


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