Mexican Restaurants Nearby In Phoenix

We’re totally with you, Phoenix. It’s hot as all getup outside. Even the planes at Sky Harbor are having trouble getting off the ground because of the interminable heat! The good news is Z’Tejas has the perfect cure for the triple-digit temperatures. Instead of feeling like you’re walking on hot coals all day, jump out of the swelter and head to one of your favorite Mexican restaurants nearby in Phoenix and let us cool you down with the most delicious beverages in the city!

Do you know what’s almost as good as having an iceberg delivered straight to your table? Taking the first sip of Z’Tejas’ Millionaire Margarita! Made with Cuervo Tradicional and Grand Marnier, this tasty knockout can be served as a hand shaken Mexican Martini or as a margarita on the rocks. The moment this Millionaire hits your lips and cools you off, you’ll feel like a million bucks! Now you won’t find this treat served at just any Mexican restaurants nearby in Phoenix… you’ll only get the Millionaire at Z’Tejas!

The hot temperatures aren’t going anywhere, so why not fight fire with icy, cool flavor at Z’Tejas? Only the finest of the Mexican restaurants nearby in Phoenix has what you need to blast away the summer heat with a cool breeze and sensational flavors. Escape from the blistering heat and find your own personal oasis at one of five Z’Tejas restaurants located in the Greater Phoenix area. Menus, more drink offerings, locations and all other information can be found online at

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