General Manager Kristoffer Tremonte

Kristoffer Tremonte had a unique upbringing by growing up among 3 family-owned restaurants, in addition to other businesses. At age 15, Kristoffer started his restaurant industry career by working as a dishwasher before expanding out to prep cooking, bussing, serving, bartending and managing. Years later, Kristoffer decided to test his skills and left the family-owned restaurants for the NYC restaurant scene.

Around this time, he decided to travel to Mesa, Arizona to visit his brother and his family. Little did Kristoffer know that this trip would change his life. The desert called to him and Kristoffer decided to move to Arizona. He began working as a floor manager at Z’Tejas where he met his wife, Rebecca, a co-manager. Together, they left the restaurant scene shortly after. But 9 years later, Kristoffer left Corporate America to return to what he loved. Recently, Kristoffer was promoted to General Manager and has begun the next chapter in his restaurant career.


Executive Chef Danny Campos

Danny Ocampo, Executive Chef, is a prominent member of the Z’Tejas family. He began his culinary journey in December 2000 and has been working at Z’Tejas since then. Throughout these 18 years, Danny has worked at Z’Tejas locations around Arizona and California and is currently back working at one of our Arizona locations.

As Executive Chef, Danny has a lot of responsibilities in the kitchen. He is responsible for ordering products, training staff members to uphold Z’Tejas quality in the kitchen and ensuring the execution of delicious food. When he isn’t working, Danny is spending time with his wife and four kids, working on his ranch in Mexico, riding bulls or traveling.

Sous Chef Ritchie Juarez

Hailing from Mexico, Ritchie has been with Z’Tejas for a staggering 25 years! As a Sous Chef, Ritchie takes great pride in the food he prepares, while also acting as the lead trainer in the kitchen for his team. When not at the restaurant you can find him spending time with his wife and three children.

Hospitality Manager Matt Rosenbaum

Matt Rosenbaum is no stranger to upbringing by Southwestern culture. He was born and raised in the sunny state of Arizona, where he works today as the Hospitality Manager for our Chandler location. Back in school, Matt played on a football team. Years later, he continues to bring this ‘team’ mentality to his work and employees.

From the first day, Matt fell in love with the restaurant business and hasn’t looked back. His goals include maximizing guest experience and revenue, increasing employee relations and interacting with guests on a daily basis. When he isn’t at work, Matt enjoys spending time with his fiancé and two kids, with one more on the way. Together, they often take trips to Disneyland and northern Arizona.

Bar Manager Jeff Feldman

Jeff Feldman isn’t just a Bar Manager; he is also a DJ and guitarist in a local band. Years ago, Jeff began working in the restaurant industry as a server and DJ, slowly working his way up into promotions, marketing and management. In 1998, Jeff decided to leave the restaurant life to become a morning show DJ at Alternative Rock Stations throughout Kansas, Louisiana and California.

In 2005, Jeff returned to Hospitality in restaurants scattered around California. After a few years, Jeff moved out to Chandler, Arizona, where he became our Bar Manager. Jeff’s previous work experience allows him to blend the duties of the job with fun promotional ideas to keep our restaurants as fresh and exciting as the menu. When he isn’t working, Jeff is playing the guitar in a local Rock/Blues Band around Phoenix.