General Manager Andy Thai

Each guest will find an amazing ‘Z’ moment at our Arboretum location, thanks to Andy, General Manager. Andy HAS BEEN A MANAGER AND RECENTLY MOVED UP THE RANKS TO LEAD THE arboretum location.

Having worked in the restaurant industry since he was 15, Andy Thai has developed a passion for excellent guest experience. He was raised in San Francisco before joining the U.S. Army after high school, where he served his country for 8 years. After service, Andy graduated from Palomar College in San Diego before moving out to Austin, Texas in 2003.

Andy has consistently worked in restaurant management since the move. He began working at Z’Tejas 6th Street location before moving to the Arboretum location in 2016. aS THE GENERAL MANAGER, ANDys main duties include overseeing operations ALONG WITH staff and manager development. His goal is to provide Every guest with a memorable experience. Andy’s favorite hobby is watching sports, specifically: basketball, baseball, football, soccer and tennis. Make sure to wave to Andy the next time you’re dining at our Arboretum location!

Manager Shane Barnett

Shane Barnett, a proud native Houstonian, has worked in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Shane began his Z’Tejas career in Chandler, Arizona in January 2001. Throughout his 17 years of employment at Z’Tejas, Shane has spent time working in locations around Phoenix, Las Vegas, Bellevue and Austin before arriving at his current job at our Arboretum location.

As Manager, Shane’s job includes keeping bar operations running smoothly, providing leadership training to service staff to ensure excellent guest experience and managing kitchen operations to ensure the highest food quality, efficient cook times and beautiful plate presentation. Shane’s hard work is shown in his Z’Tejas Manager of the Year awards 2008-2010. Outside the restaurant, Shane enjoys cycling, fishing and traveling with his daughter.

Event Sales Manager Sabrina Quintanilla