Our Treasured Secrets to Making the Best Margaritas

At first glance, margaritas seem simple. After all, these delicious drinks are a carefully balanced combination of tequila, ice, lime juice and salt. While these ingredients alone make a good margarita, there’s something more in Z’Tejas’ margaritas that makes them legendary.

In order to fully understand the margarita, you start at the beginning with tequila. Tequila is the foundation of this refreshing drink and comes in 3 forms: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.


Tequila: The Tantalizing Foundation


Blanco tequila—also known as silver or white—is clear and unaged. Since it is bottled immediately or shortly after distillation, it maintains the agave’s natural sweetness.

Tequila Reposado is the first stage of “aged” or “rested” tequila. After distillation, the tequila is aged in wooden barrels for 2-11 months, where it develops a golden hue and smoother flavor.

Tequila Añejo is “extra aged”, aged for a year or more. Due to the extra time, the tequila turns amber and develops a more complex flavor.


Building a Margarita


Every margarita listed on our menu uses one of the three types of tequila listed above. After tequila comes the addition of ice, liqueurs, fruit and/or vegetables, depending on the drink. It’s then shaken up in a cocktail shaker and served with a smile!

There’s an art to making margaritas with a Southwestern twist. And who would know more about this than our fantastic bartenders?

Throughout his 22 years of working at Z’Tejas in Phoenix, Martie has found that the number one summer drink is the Skinny Margarita. This clean margarita, made with blanco tequila, lime juice and agave, is especially popular during Happy Hour. After all, who isn’t happy with a refreshing, low-calorie margarita in their hand?

Whereas in Texas, Mark is constantly making Hard Day Margaritas, made of 1800 Reposado, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, agave nectar and orange juice. With delicious ingredients like these, t’s not difficult to guess why the Hard Day is the most popular drink! Coincidentally, the Hard Day is Mark’s favorite drink from the menu. The complex flavors mixed with the sweetness of the orange juice makes it an official crowd-pleaser.


Our Secrets


With an understanding of margaritas, we now share the prized margarita secret kept by all Z’Tejas bartenders: agave nectar. Agave nectar is used in many of our margaritas to add a hint of sweetness that cuts the lime’s powerful sour punch. Guests can still taste a small kick of lime in their drinks alongside the sweetness of the agave for a perfect blend in every margarita.

Second only to the ingredients, the cocktail shaker is a crucial element in building the perfect margarita. These bottles do more than make your drink cold; they blend the flavors of the tequila, liqueurs, fruits and vegetables while aerating the drink. The result? Each margarita is smoother and the flavors are blended perfectly.

While we can’t give all our secrets away, we love sharing tips and tricks with fellow margarita-lovers. Knowing how different tequilas and liqueurs taste and blend puts you on the right track for making the best margarita to fit your tastes. What’s your favorite margarita on the Z’Tejas menu?

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