Mexican Restaurants in Austin

If you’re looking for Mexican restaurants in Austin, then don’t look further than ZTejas Southwestern Grill. We’re located in the heart of Downtown Austin, right on West 6th Street, with other locations at Avery Ranch and the Arboretum. ZTejas prides itself in developing delicious menus that your family will love!

Our historic 6th Street location in downtown Austin, Texas is where our story begins. We started by converting a turn-of-the-century Victorian house into a wonderful dining restaurant, preserving as much of its “Old Austin Character” as possible. Today, our cozy nooks and patios are part of the 6th Street legend.

We later opened our second location in the Arboretum area of North Austin. The Hill Country views from our climate-controlled patio at the second of our Mexican restaurants in Austin are almost as heavenly as the food. The tradition continued with our third Austin location at Avery Ranch. Enjoy the views of the fire pits and trees on one of our two patios while taking in the smell of the rotisserie.

Do you love fresh cornbread? ZTejas Cornbread is made fresh each hour of every day. Every bite will take your taste buds to a happy place. Through the years, many have told us that our cornbread is a life-changing experience. Yes, it’s just that delicious! Our tasty cornbread is made fresh at our 6th Street, Arboretum, and Avery Ranch locations.

At the end of the night, top your meal off with one of our signature drinks at any of our amazing bars, or try a tasty dessert – including Ancho Fudge Pie or the delicious Cast-Iron Skillet Cobbler.

It’s easy to see why ZTejas Southwestern Grills are the hottest Mexican restaurants in Austin. In Austin, you’ll only find these one-of-a-kind menus at ZTejas Southwestern Grill at 6th Street in Downtown, in the Arboretum area of North Austin, and at Avery Ranch off Parmer Lane.

See our full list of entrees, appetizers and more on our Austin Menus.

Don’t forget, ZTejas Southwestern Grill is the perfect place for any gathering in Austin, Texas. If you’re looking to book a small party for a birthday celebration, or looking for a medium sized space for an office dinner or corporate party. Give us a call, we’ll put some fresh cornbread on for you.


Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix

When people think of Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, and they think of the best they’ve ever had, they think ZTejas Southwestern Grill.

Why do people love Mexican food so much? Whether you’re deep in the heart of Mexico, vacationing at a coastal resort, or right here in Arizona, it’s become the comfort food of the Americas.

Everyone has their own definition of comfort food. For some it might be momma’s meatloaf. For other’s it’s a burger and fries. But if you’ve got the taste for unique Mexican food, then that’s where your comfort lies. At ZTejas Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, we certainly delivery on everyone’s favorites: tableside guacamole, Baja fish tacos, smoked chicken enchiladas, or chicken, beef and shrimp fajitas. Those are Mexican staples that just about everyone loves.

The interesting thing we’ve done at ZTejas restaurants is to put a new spin on these beloved dishes, or to take that Mexican flavor and add it to something you might not think you’d find at Mexican restaurants in Phoenix.

Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix crispy salmon

Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix Crispy Salmon

Take the Crispy Salmon entrée from our dinner menu. You are used to seeing salmon at a restaurant featuring American fare or seafood. What we’ve done at ZTejas is to make it our own, adding crab, tomato, avocado salad and a roasted tomatillo sauce to bring that Mexican flavor to a non-traditional Mexican dinner.

Here’s another favorite – the Chorizo-stuffed pork tenderloin. You’ve probably had chorizo in a breakfast taco or maybe an enchilada. But have you had it stuffed in a pork tenderloin, with poblano peppers, jack cheese, roasted garlic sauce and sour cream? Only if you’ve been to Z’ Tejas Southwestern Grill.

For a vegetarian dish that even the carnivores among us will die for, try the Wild Mushroom Enchiladas. It is Mexican comfort food (enchiladas), but with roasted crimini and Portobello mushrooms, avocado mango relish, ancho-mole cream sauce, sour cream and jack cheese. These enchiladas are incredible, and like nothing you’ve ever had in Mexican restaurants in Phoenix.