The Cinco De Mayo Habanero Inferno Taco Challenge

You’ve been training for this your whole life…Here’s Z’Moment to prove you can do it.

On Cinco De Mayo, Z’Tejas is offering guests a chance to take on the hottest (literally) sporting event ever. This event is so hot it was rejected unanimously be part of the Summer Olympics. We call it the Habanero Inferno Taco Challenge. The rules are simple.

  • 1 of 4 Leo’s Street Tacos will feature a habanero sauce specially-made by Executive Chef Leo Madrigal (insert evil laughter here)
  • If you can finish all 4 tacos, you receive $5 off and pay only $7 for the fiery taco plate (and bragging rights!). If all four tacos are NOT finished, you pay the full price of $12.
  • Washing down the spicy taco with margaritas is permitted.
  • Accept the challenge at your own risk

Plus $5 Dulce Vida margaritas and $3 Corona beers all day long.


The question is are you brave enough to take on the Habanero Inferno Taco Challenge at Z’Tejas. If you do be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



Cornbread Can Make a Difference

Z’Tejas Cornbread is made fresh every hour of every day. Each bite will take your taste buds to a happy place. Through the years, many have told us that our cornbread is a life-changing experience.  Yes, it’s just that delicious!

Since launching Cornbread for A Cause in December 2015, guests can now enjoy the life-changing cornbread and actually make a difference in other people’s lives. For every cornbread ordered, Z’Tejas donates proceeds to charity partners that assist the community where we serve.

In our inaugural launch in December 2015, Cornbread for A Cause raised more than $37,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas.

As we finished our Q1 Cornbread for A Cause fundraising campaign, we raised more than $31,000 for Scottsdale 20-30 Club’s Brokers for Kids/Agents Benefiting Children and Cheyanna’s Champions 4 Children in Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX respectively,

For Q2, we have partnered with The American Widow Project in Austin and Military Assistance Mission in Arizona. Both charities have amazing programs that help support our nation’s veterans, active duty service members and their families.

We hope you will all support our charity partners in Q2 by simply ordering Z’Tejas cornbread at our Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX. It is a life-changing experience. Literally.